Iranian consul general visits Minute Mirror office

Consul General of Iran Mohammad Reza Nazeri says that media from both countries can play an important role to build people-to-people connections.

He visited the office of Minute Mirror on Thursday and during the conversation with Editor-in-Chief Ali Sajjad, he appreciated the work of the media house in terms of presenting Pakistan’s positive image in the world.

He said the way the Western media had projected a bad image of the Muslim countries, the media of Muslim countries should tackle the bad press by showing the good side of our regions. He said Pakistan had shown tremendous progress in several sectors, but its media would show red cards on certain issues, and the approach needed to be changed.

Citing examples of the improved condition of women and children in Pakistan, he said the media should show this positive picture of their country. He said the US had been dubbed as the champion of human rights, whereas the fact is the US was the biggest violator of human rights. He appreciated the approach of Minute Mirror to be positive towards what is positive, and act like a watchdog where reforms were needed.

He also said that Pakistan and Iran being neighbours have a lot of potential to exceed the trade and be the game-changer in the region. He also mentioned that the Iranian Ambassador met with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the visit of the foreign minister is the message to the world that both the Muslim nations are brotherly countries and can-do wonders.

He also mentioned that Iran is all set to help Pakistan in the energy sector and if the leadership from both countries take serious steps towards increasing the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Iran both can help their nations to become more prosperous.

Jafer Ronas Director Khana-e-Firhang Iran said that now as the world is converting into a global village it is very important that we understand the importance of people-to-people contact. We share the same culture and traditions and we want to expand this cultural relationship with our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

He also mentioned that Khana-e-Firhang is having special classes to teach people the Persian language here in Lahore.

Ali Sajjad said that as a responsible media house we always keep our credibility on the top and try our best to present the facts to the people. He also said that media is the most important part even in diplomacy now and with the boom of digital media our responsibility has been increased.