Iranian protester Javad Rouhi dies in police custody

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An Iranian man who had been detained since last year passed away on Thursday in custody after Iran’s highest court overturned his death sentence for taking part in antigovernmental demonstrations.

Campaigners are holding the government responsible after Javad Rouhi, 35, who was imprisoned during protests last year over the death of Mahsa Amini in detention for allegedly donning a “improper” hijab, died from inadequate hospital care after having a seizure.

The news website of the Iranian court, Mizan, said that “[Rouhi] died regrettably despite the actions of medical personnel, and a legal case has been filed to investigate the cause of his death.”

On Thursday, a number of human rights advocates disclosed Rouhi’s passing on social media an hour before it was formally reported, accusing the judiciary and security services of “killing” him.

Iran’s morality police jailed Rouhi for arranging protests after Mahsa Amini passed away.

After allegedly setting a Holy Quran on fire at a demonstration, he was later found guilty of inciting riots, causing property damage, and apostasy, according to the BBC.

Videos of Rouhi dancing during protests from the previous year are being shared by activists.

Amnesty International claims that in order to coerce him into confessing, he was tortured to floggings, subfreezing temperatures, electric shocks, and having a gun held to his head.

A well-known Iranian protester named Rouhi received a triple death sentence in Nowshahr for blasphemy, causing property damage, and provoking national security.

His sentence was overturned in May, nevertheless, allowing for a reconsideration of his situation.