Irish man sets Guinness World Record of playing drums for 6 days to pay tribute to his late companion

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A 45-year-old person from Ireland has established a Guinness World Record by playing the drum continuously for 6 days in loving memory of his companion.

According to BBC, Elster Brown, hailing from the city of Lisburn in Ireland, set the record for playing the drum for over 150 hours (6 days), surpassing the previous record held by himself.

Previously, Elster Brown had played the drum continuously for 134 hours and 5 minutes.

Reportedly, Elster Brown dedicated this record to his 49-year-old companion, Sharon Deegan, who passed away from cancer in 2021.

During the week, Elster Brown expressed his gratitude to all his friends while speaking at the Lisburn Music Center, where he set the record, and said that he had always wanted to do this in memory of Sharon.

According to Guinness World Records, Elster Brown was allowed a five-minute break after each hour of drumming. However, instead of taking breaks after every hour, he chose to accumulate time and rest for longer periods.

It should be noted that this is Elster’s third Guinness World Record, having previously set the record for playing the drum for 58 hours in 2003 and then breaking it with 103 hours in 2008.