Is Adil Raja an insider source in Pakistan army behind cipher leak?

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    The Intercept journalist, Murtaza Hussain, who was involved in the story about the Pakistani diplomatic cipher, has shared a tweet that has ignited discussions and speculations online. The tweet includes a screenshot from WhatsApp, shedding light on a possible insider within the Pakistan Army who leaked the cipher to US journalists.

    While the identity of the source hasn’t been disclosed in the published Intercept story, in line with ethical principles, the WhatsApp screenshot seems to point towards a man named Adil Raja as the source. The chat depicted in the screenshot showcases a conversation between the “Intercept Insider” and the alleged source.

    The interaction begins with the “Intercept Insider” mentioning that they are on their way to the office, with a timestamp of 3:35 pm. Later, at 4:27 pm, another message is sent, revealing that the source behind the cipher leak was someone named Adil Raja, who claimed to be associated with the Pakistan army. The Insider also indicates that the document underwent significant edits before publication.

    However, the conversation doesn’t stop there. The Insider goes on to share additional information. The chat mentions payment receipts to the authors from PTI USA and suggests that emails demonstrate ongoing communication between the authors and individuals named Moeed Pirzada and Waqas Ahmed.

    Despite the potentially revealing nature of the WhatsApp screenshot, Murtaza Hussain, rather than appearing alarmed, looks amused and responded in a surprising way. In one tweet, he humorously wrote, “Can’t believe we’re getting found out like this.”

    Furthermore, in another tweet, Hussain expressed his perspective on international matters, stating, “I don’t blame Ukraine for doing everything it needs to survive. I do find it objectionable that the U.S. government would go around bullying and screwing up other countries’ politics to harangue them into a war that has zero to do with them. People have a right to resist that.”