Is Angur Ada on Pak-Afghan border as export land route useful for traders?

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The Pakistani Federal Cabinet has approved the designation of Angur Ada border as an “export land route” for Afghanistan and Central Asian countries. Angur Ada is located in South Waziristan, Pakistan, and borders Afghanistan.

This decision is expected to significantly benefit the trade of both countries. Currently, Torkham, Kharlachi, and Ghulam Khan borders are used as export land routes between Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, these borders are often congested and inefficient. Angur Ada border is expected to provide a much-needed alternative route for trade.

In addition, the designation of Angur Ada border as an export land route is expected to boost economic activity in the region. The border is located in a remote and underdeveloped area, and the increased trade is expected to create jobs and improve infrastructure.

The decision to designate Angur Ada border as an export land route is a positive step for both Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is expected to boost trade, economic activity, and regional cooperation.

Challenges in Running Angur Ada Border as an Export Route

There are a number of challenges that need to be addressed in order to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of Angur Ada border as an export route. These challenges include:

The road between Wana and Angur Adda is in a bad condition and is not suitable for heavy traffic.
The area is heavily affected by extremism and more training of staff at the customs station is also needed to better manage the cases.
There is no electricity and communication system in this area, so the government should provide all the facilities there so that the benefits expected from this route can be realized in the true sense.
The government of Pakistan needs to address these challenges in order to ensure the success of Angur Ada border as an export route.