IS threat

An assurance from the Afghan Taliban to the world that they will make efforts to counter the Islamic State (IS) threat gives some hope that the menace of terrorism will be curtailed in the region.

Taliban have made this assurance in Russia during talks hosted by Russia. The talks came after Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that IS fighters were getting space in northern Afghanistan to spread religious and ethnic discord in former Soviet republics that Moscow considers its backyard. Reports are continuously pouring in that the IS militants are gaining grounds in Afghanistan and adjoining areas after the takeover by the Taliban. They have started their subversive activities long ago. Sporadic incidents of terror committed and claimed by the IS are happening in the region. The Taliban have made a commitment that they will clamp down on militants and will not allow anyone to use the Afghan soil against any country. Besides the presence of the IS in Afghanistan, some terror outfits in Pakistan are also using the name of IS to pursue their agendas. General opinion runs precisely along the lines that local terrorist groups have either pledged or are in the process of pledging allegiance to IS.

The IS is notorious for committing barbaric acts against humanity. Though the Afghan Taliban have been targeting militants, yet they have not been completely eliminated. It is the result of a mess that has been allowed to be created for decades. Now, responsibility lies on the Taliban that they should make efforts to eliminate this scourge of militancy. They also need to wage a war against its local sympathisers and supporters, who are still free to continue their activities. There is no shortage of perverted minds whose allegiance with the terrorist group will be enough to let loose hell anywhere in the world. A rapid response is needed to nip the terror in the bud. Everybody has to act together against the threat of militancy.