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Is time the greatest healer?

All of us must have heard somewhere in life that time is the best healer. But ever since childhood I always wondered how time can be a healer. How can it heal the wounds of hearts? How can it heal the soul? But whatever has life been up to this point I have concluded that time is not always a healer. Its healing properties are based on the severity of events and circumstances. It also depends on how to hurt you are. So, here is my catharsis of the famous proverb “Time is the best healer”

First, we need to understand what exactly the origin of this vintage saying. From where does it come in the first place? Time is the healer means emotional or physical pain will grow less as time passes. But let’s link this with the human body. Whenever a human body is in severe pain it tends to rely on medicine. After the intake of medicine, the intensity of pain slowly starts to reduce but there are times when even after using drugs the condition does not change.

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This is how exactly soul healing works! Sometimes it takes two days, two weeks, two months, or even two years for the pain of the heart to go for the soul to heal. But sometimes even after ten years, the pain is still there.

There are two types of pain in this world physical and emotional. Physical pains are usually the result of a disease whereas; emotional pains are usually caused by grief, loss, and sorrow.

The suffering that is caused due to some health conditions recovers with time and medicine so here time worked as a healer but when the condition is chronic and goes on till death then time fails to be a healer.

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But the suffering that humans endure due to suffering, grieves, loss of beloved ones, etc. are not usually easily healable. Time usually fails to heal these kinds of pains. If someone fails a test, they can retake it, if we talk about any commercial losses they can be made up occasionally. But forgetting some struggles is not usually that easier. The intensity of these pains may lessen over time, but when the rainy season arrives, the pain returns.

Some sorrows give a severe blow to a person’s life, for example, a loved one leaves the world, or a person whom you have fallen in love with betrays you or leaves you alone. A person whom you have preferred over everything else causes you all kinds of mental, physical, and emotional pain, and the list of such sufferings goes on. These are all worldly accidents that a person can never forget. In all these cases, time is often not the healer.

Yes, as time goes on these wounds eventually top hurting, but during the rainy season, if the same person sustains another injury, someone else leaves him again, or their heart is even slightly wounded, the previous sufferings and traumas will resurface, the scar will reopen, and the pain will be worse than before.

In all these situations, time is not the best healer. Instead, in these circumstances, time takes on a dreadful new form. So to prevent these awful moments, People must learn from their past errors and avoid making them again.


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