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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Islamabad court rejects bail plea of Azam Swati

Islamabad court has rejected the bail plea of Senator Azam Swati saying that Swati has committed the same crime twice.

The verdict was issued by Islamabad Special Judge Central Azam Khan.

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Prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi described to the court how to validate a Twitter account during the hearing.

He stated that Swati’s Twitter account has a blue tick and that famous people follow him.

Famous journalists and politicians follow Azam Swati, the attorney claimed.

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He continued by saying that the senator never denied being involved in the incident.

“There is no question that the Twitter account is not of Azam Swati,” said Abbasi.

The prosecutor and government attorney asked the court not to grant bail to the senator in the case as they concluded their arguments.

However, the PTI senator’s attorney, Sohail Khan, argued that screenshots do not qualify as evidence in a cybercrime case.

Swati had been named in numerous cases across the nation as a result of his contentious tweets about senior military leaders.


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