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Islamabad I-10 bomber got training from Afghanistan, investigation reveals

An investigation report has revealed that the suicide bomber of Islamabad I-10 sector got training from Afghanistan before blowing himself up.

According to media sources, the bomber obtained his military training in Afghanistan in 2022. He returned from Afghanistan in the latter half of 2022 after the training and remained in Parachinar in Kurram Agency. The bombing occurred on December 23 in district I-10/4 of the capital.

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The suicide bomber traveled to many locations before making it to the capital on December 23, including Hangu, where he remained with a facilitator who later drove him to Pirwadhai Bus Terminal in the morning.

According to the sources, “the facilitator stood by as the bomber got into a taxi and eventually walked away from the scene.”

According to the sources, the explosives were found on him when he was wearing a backpack. It has not yet been determined whether the bag was supplied to him or whether he traveled with it.

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They added that the bomber was 22 years old, a resident of the Khyber District, and had attended a seminary.

The investigation revealed that Trinitrotoluene (TNT), weighing 12 to 14 kilograms, was the explosive used in the suicide attack, it also noted that in the past, local militants and terrorists utilized C4 (Composition 4, which includes RDX) to carry out similar operations.

According to the investigation, the suicide bomber used a pin that was attached to the explosion to set it off and the investigators discovered the pin at the scene.


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