Islamabad police ask hotels to not allow PTI long march participants

Islamabad Police has issued an order for hotels and guest houses to not allow long march participants.

On Saturday, according to the police’s directive, no hotel or guest house will provide lodging to long march participants, and hotels and guest homes will be checked every day in regard to this order

According to the authorities, harsh action will be taken if you rent lodging to someone who is taking part in the long march.

Earlier, the district administration of Islamabad had asked for an explanation from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) why they should be allowed to rally.

A letter has been written to PTI by Islamabad’s district administration. The letter said that PTI has violated its commitments time and again.

The administration has asked in the letter from PTI leaders about the violation of commitments that had been committed in the past. It has also asked for assurance that why should the permission be given now.

The list of previous violations has also been mentioned with details in the letter.


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