Islamophobia in US and Europe triggers hatred against Muslims, experts

Picture source - Reuters

Islamophobia has been increasing in different parts of the world including the Asia pacific region due to an increase in hatred against Islam in the US and Europe, say experts.

As per the Anadolu agency report, John Louis a professor at Georgetown University stated that it is legitimate today to talk about the globalization of Islamophobia.

He added that you have the problems of Myanmar, erstwhile Burma. Regarding the Uyghurs, there are problems in China. In both situations, genocide is even being discussed by international populations.

He also stressed that the anti-Muslim narrative is spreading across the political spectrum.

“It is interesting that when you say how many Muslim governments have spoken out and major, international Muslim organizations have spoken out. There is a silence there,” Louis added.

Another researcher Arslan Iftikar stated that right-wing groups around the world draw their political inspiration from those in Europe and America as well as from other international right-wing movements.

He added that these kinds of trends are trying to limit Muslims and other minorities.

While pointing to the hijab ban in European states he said that it is important to understand the context and the cues they take from one another.

“There are attacks on Muslims all over India. There are hijab bans in the southern state of Karnataka, which again, literally taking their cues from Europe as well,” Iftikhar noted.


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