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Monday, January 30, 2023
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Israeli violent hostilities take two Palestinian lives

In this year 210 Palestinians including those killed in Gaza have died, Palestinian Health Ministry

During an assault on the Jinin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, Israeli soldiers clashed in violent hostilities that claimed the lives of two Palestinians.

According to a statement from the Islamic Jihad organization, one of the slain was its leader. The Israeli military released no quick remarks on the event.

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In different instances earlier this week in the West Bank six Palestinians were killed amid mounting violence.

Israel has cracked down on protesters in nearly daily raids in the West Bank since earlier this year’s street attacks, the majority of which ended in fatal violent confrontations.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, 210 Palestinians including those who were killed in a short battle in Gaza in August have died so far this year.

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According to Israeli military numbers, 136 Palestinians were killed but the data excluded those in Gaza. Assaults in Israel and the West Bank claimed the lives of 23 civilians and 8 security officers.


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