IT specialist develops virtual Mohenjo Daro

Arslan Hyder Chandio, a highly efficient IT specialist, has attracted history buffs and exponents of Sindhi culture from across the world by developing a virtual Mohenjo Daro — the symbol of Sindh’s 5,000-year-old civilisation.

Chandio’s efforts were finally made public on Monday through a social media website.

His creation has garnered appreciation from people belonging to different walks of life. Talking to Minute Mirror, Arsalan shared that his father, Prof. Muhammad Yaqoob Chandio, inspired him on his journey eight years back when he was a student of BS Information Technology at the University of Sindh.

“During my early days at the university, I was much influenced by the formation of visual models. And for that, I developed a JAVA-based android application named Indus Explorer through which all historical places could be visited virtually,” said Arsalan, who is now pursuing his MPhil in IT from the same varsity.

Expanding on his initiative, he said that during his MPhil, he came up with the idea of preserving all historical sites of Sindh. He chose Mohenjo Daro to begin with, saying that, in the beginning, it seemed a herculean task, but he did not give up.

“Initially, I visited the whole site of Mohenjo Daro to enhance my knowledge about its geographical features,” the 33-year-old IT specialist said, adding that in the second phase, he took an aerial view of the site through a drone camera.

Arslan Hyder Chandio

In the third phase, Arslan said, he sought the assistance of some noted architects for giving it a three-dimensional (3D) look; for that, he used different mechanisms of sketch making and virtual reality devices through which the entire structure of Mohenjo Daro was formed.

Dadu-based IT specialist told this scribe that he had thoroughly studied different archaeological and historical sites of Sindh and was optimistic about making virtual models of all those. But for that, he said, he required the assistance of the Sindh government.

“The government should encourage such unique steps, and by doing that, we can witness more such wonders in future,” he said. He thanked Dr. Zeeshan Bhatti and Dr. Waheeed Mahesar, who supervised his research work.

He urged the youth to join the field of information technology and computer sciences for a better future for Pakistan.

Kamran Khamiso Khowaja is the district correspondent of Daily Minute Mirror From Thatta and Sujawal. He covers social, political, environmental and cultural stories. He can be reached on Twitter @ZaibSha1 and through email at

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