‘It’s too late for you to give lame excuses’: Mishi Khan slams Aamir Liaquat

Aamir Liaquat has been in the news again, for the past two weeks now. This time, it is reportedly his third wife whose statements against her husband and videos straight from the couple’s bedroom resulted in a social media fiasco, with both the husband and wife ultimately mudslinging each other while also announcing their imminent separation.

Following the hullabaloo, Aamir Liaquat took to social media to announce that he is leaving Pakistan, while trying to invite sympathy for himself following the “embarrassment” he faced after getting his personal videos leaked on the internet.

The entire Pakistani public including the celebrities expressed their disgust at the “filthy content” (visual and verbal) which the couple consistently uploaded on the internet, with many also blaming Dania Shah for deliberately marrying a person as notorious as Liaquat for the sake of popularity only, which she interestingly has gained now (who doesn’t know Dania Shah?).

Mishi Khan, who also slammed Aamir Liaquat a few months back owing to his behaviour on a live show, has taken to her social media account once again to criticize him for his doings, saying that his decision to leave Pakistan was something the country should be happy about. This is how Mishi’s statement went:

“Mr. Aamir Liaquat please don’t do these silly videos with your flip crying acting as it’s too late for you to give lame excuses to save your skin. You are exposed big time and your decision to leave the country is probably the most wise one. It’s too late….Your over confidence & erratic behaviour made you lose everything and of course what you said for Junaid Jamshed’s mother on live TV. Makafat e Amal. What goes around comes around so better to leave if you have little integrity and self-respect left. Stop your nonsensical videos as they won’t save your dwindled reputation.”