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Jati water scarcity forcing migration

Acute shortage of water has once again hit the coastal belt of Taluka Jati of District Sujawal, forcing a considerably large population to migrate to urban areas in search of water for survival.

In the current state of affairs, the people of the tail-end areas of the district are consuming brackish water. According to details provided by the district Irrigation Department, all the major water arteries responsible for the supply of water to the coastal areas of the district, including Gaddap Water Channel, Tengo Minner, Jati Minner, Maliya Channel, and Begna Water Channel are running completely dry and some are even filled with dust.

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The residents of the areas that have been combating water scarcity revealed that almost all the RO plants installed in the coastal region were lying dysfunctional due to which they are forced to use saline water. Muhammad Saleem Dandal, a local villager, said that their standing crops were fast drying amid a shortage of drinking water. “Carrying pots, the women of our village have to cover long distances to fetch water for daily use,” he said.

Mussa Temro said that their cattle heads were already dying owing to the lumpy skin disease, and water scarcity would make things worse. The season of paddy cultivation is around the corner but it seems that water scarcity would inflict substantial financial loss on the growers, said Hakeem Samejo.



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