Jawan: Shahrukh Khan is hero or villian?

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Who am I? Who am I not? I’m not sure. Am I a mother’s promise, or an unfulfilled wish? Am I right or wrong? Ask yourself if I am you. Are you Ready? No hero can stand his ground when I turn into a villain!

It’s unclear from Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogue in the sneak peeks or trailers for his next movie “Jawan” whether he plays a heroic action figure or a menacing antagonist.

This will be Shah Rukh’s first film, which his fans are anxiously anticipating after Pathan became a huge smash in India and around the world.
What is the plot of Jawaan, and why is Shah Rukh portrayed in such a lonesome way? People are showing this curiosity on social media.

In the first 12 hours, the Jawaan trailer on YouTube gathered more than three crore views, and the topic at hand is trending on social media sites like Twitter.
Atalikumar, a well-known figure in the South Indian cinema industry who is well-known for his genre films, is the director of this action picture.
Gauri Khan, Shahrukh’s wife, is the main producer of the movie, with Gaurav Verma serving as a co-producer. On September 7, Jaawan will be released in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi.

The movie’s release date was moved up from its original June 2 release date because of production issues.
Deepika Padukone, Sania Malhotra, Priamani, Gurjia Oak, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Lahar Khan, Alia Qureshi, Ridhi Dogra, Sunil Grover, and Mukesh Chhabra are among the many notable actors in the movie in addition to Shah Rukh.
The waiting hours are gone, according to film critic and Bollywood Analyst Taran Aadharsh in a tweet. He liked Jawan’s initial highlights.
In contrast to Ronat, who claimed that “Itali has done a good job,” the user Cinco claimed that Jawan has smashed all social media records. They were aware of Shah Rukh’s fantastic villainous looks.

The Jawan teaser features Shah Rukh Khan in six to seven different looks. They can be bald, law enforcement, military, or clean-shaven heroes at different times. Like Raees, he occasionally sports long hair. He appears to have a mask covering half of his face.
How many characters Shah Rukh plays in this movie is tough to estimate. He appears in one image with military garb and a gun in his hand, while in other sequences he is accompanied by troops.

Shah Rukh, who is regarded as a romantic hero, seems to be enjoying the new stage of becoming an action superstar, according to a user by the name of Fahir.
The women appear to seize the metro in a clip from the preview. Shah Rukh Chak De was the coach of the women’s hockey team in India, and a user observed that he now appears to have hijacked the metro with his gang of gals.
Many people are posting the final scene from the Jaawan preview on social media, in which Shah Rukh dances to the tune amid the perplexed metro passengers: Don’t abandon us in this state.

The previous movie starring Shah Rukh, Pathan, was a huge success. Since that time, his followers have been eagerly awaiting the first trailers for the film “Jawan.”
It is expected that Pathan, which was released on January 25 of this year, grossed more than Rs 100 crore on its opening day globally.
On social media, it is also said that Pathan may fall behind Jawan due to its success. Will it, therefore, make roughly Rs 150 crore on the first day? Time will tell.