Journalist confesses to ‘one-sided media trial’ against Nawaz

TV anchor Kamran Shahid says he called Nawaz Sharif corrupt because PM Imran Khan said so

Veteran journalist Kamran Shahid has admitted that he was a part of the ‘one-sided media trial’ against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif because Prime Minister Imran Khan was saying the same thing.

In a video tweeted by journalist Murtaza Ali Shah, Shahid was speaking to journalist Saleem Safi on a local TV show and said he mourned the day Sharif was declared innocent of corruption charges in a United Kingdom. Shahid said that the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) had exonerated Sharif, while he had persistently reported against him in the media.

The journalist also spoke about media censorship under former and current PMs. Shahid said that not a single advertisement for a media organization was scrapped under Sharif even when the journalists spoke vociferously against him. He furthered that Sharif never ordered that any journalist be silenced in doing their job. On the other hand, PM Khan kept saying that the media was operating against him.

Meanwhile, PM Khan had said in September that no government left the media run as free as the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) regime had. Speaking at the launch of the Digital Media Development Programme in Islamabad, PM Khan said that close to 70 percent of the newspapers produced news against his governance.


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