Journalist Sami Ibrahim comes back home after six days

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Senior Journalist Sami Ibrahim’s family and the journalism community breathed a sigh of relief when he came home after being away for a week.

Sami Ibrahim, the tenacious TV anchor and fervent admirer of former prime minister Imran Khan, is said to have returned home. “Alhamdulilah”, which is Arabic for “praise be to Allah,” was tweeted by his account, and a photo of him lying in a hospital bed is going viral online.

According to journalist Siddique Jan, who also provided an update, the Bol TV personality is back home. He also expressed the hope that Imran Riaz would return soon.

Sami Ibrahim was captured last week by unidentified individuals in the nation’s federal capital, according to his family’s police report.

According to reports, the family of a senior dissident journalist reported the abduction to the Aabpara Police Station. In the complaint, the complainant said that at around 9 o’clock, when Ibrahim was leaving his office and returning to his home, unidentified individuals in several vehicles stopped him near Sector G-6.

According to the report, the kidnappers took Sami with them after leaving the TV host’s driver alone. Three cell phones and the family’s car keys, they claimed, were also taken by unidentified guys.

Ibrahim was previously the target of a federal investigation because of his “anti-state” remarks. He was charged with violating several provisions of the infamous Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA), a 2016 law that was roundly denounced by organizations representing journalists and human rights.

Sami Ibrahim was additionally charged with distributing false information about state institutions, with the FIA claiming that the Bol News anchor made accusations that were overt attempts to inspire rebellion among members of the armed services.