Judge’s wife interrogated by JIT in Rizwana case

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    In the Rizwana case, the wife of Civil Judge Asim Hafeez appeared before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) for questioning. This move comes after her name has been included in the FIR since July 23, and she had previously secured pre-arrest bail.

    According to insider information, the civil judge’s wife faced queries related to the alleged brutal violence inflicted on the maid, Rizwana. However, during the questioning, she struggled to provide satisfactory answers to the probing investigators.

    Police sources have indicated that when confronted about the reasons behind the alleged violence against Rizwana, the judge’s wife responded with accusations of her own.

    Initial reports suggest that the judge’s wife failed to adequately address the JIT’s inquiries during the first round of questioning. Consequently, she is expected to be summoned for further interrogation.

    Regarding the incident, the judge’s wife asserted that Rizwana had never been employed or worked at their residence. She disclosed that she had sent financial assistance totalling Rs60,000 to Rizwana’s parents. Notably, the money was sent through her husband Asim Hafeez’s mobile Easy Paisa account.

    In defense of her actions, the judge’s wife maintained that no violence had been committed against Rizwana. She contended that Rizwana had a skin allergy, which led to her itching her eyes and body. The wife denied any knowledge of how Rizwana sustained her head injury and questioned the possibility of the alleged lung infection caused by the reported beatings. Additionally, she clarified that Rizwana’s arm had not been injured while in their household.

    The case remains under investigation, and the judge’s wife is anticipated to provide further information in subsequent questioning sessions. As the investigation unfolds, more details regarding the incident and the role of individuals involved are expected to come to light.