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‘Kamli’ trailer feels ‘straight-out-of-a-novel’

The trailer for Sarmad Sultan Khoosat’s film ‘Kamli’ got released on April 1 to the incredulity of the Pakistani viewers who are now on tenterhooks, for the trailer promises everything but clichés.

Opening with a setting and a look which reminds people of Bapsi Sidhwa’s woman-oriented novel ‘Water’ bringing together the society’s females grouped and subjected to the strangest of customs, ‘Kamli’ too, at certain points in the trailer, hints at a far-away land acting as the setting of the story where raw nature exists, be it in the form of human beings or plants.

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Lakes, rabbits and cats characterize the surroundings of female characters played by Saba Qamar and Sania Saeed, while in the parallel runs a socially-structured, organized form of human life being lived by characters portrayed by Omair Rana and Nimra Bucha to create a contrast between what is deemed sane and what is considered insane, the latter being the English translation for the film’s very title – ‘Kamli’.

The trailer does not offer any dialogues, but only actions which are suggestive of creative film-making at its best, for they alone create enough intensity to bring viewers on the edge of their seats. ‘Kamli’ is slated for release on June 3 this summer, and boasts of all mature artists coming together to bring a visual as well as a musical treat.



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