Kandhkot Katcha Area: Robers abduct Police team including SHO

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In Kandhkot, now the guards also became insecure, robbers kidnapped three policemen, including the SHO, and demanded a ransom of Rs10 million.

In Kandhkot, robbers once again committed a kidnapping for ransom and this time took the police officer along with the officials.

Three personnel, including SHO Gul Mohammad Mahar, officer Nabi Dad Mangi, were abducted by the robbers from the Kachhe area.

The robbers called UP SHO Gul Mohammad Mahar’s brother Dr. Wahab and confirmed the abduction while seeking Rs 10 million for the recovery of the SHO and two officials.

It may be recalled that the police officers and personnel who were abducted were part of the police team that had left for Katcha to recover the abducted Farhan Soomro.

It is believed that there are dozens of people with the robbers of Kache, who have been kidnapped, while the police seem to have failed to recover the hostages.

It should be noted that a week ago, IG Sindh had sent 425 personnel from other districts to Kandhkot, but despite this, it appears that the robbers are heavy on the police.