Karachi among ten worst cities to live

Vienna, Copenhagen, Zurich, Calgary and Vancouver among top five on EIU's 2022 list

Karachi, the largest metropolis of Pakistan, is among the 10 least liveable cities of the world, according to the Global Livability Index 2022 by the The Economist’s ‘Economist Intelligence Unit’.

The research and analysis division of The Economist, ‘Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)’, in its Global Livability Index 2022, has ranked 172 cities.

In the list, Karachi was ranked 168th i.e. the fifth from the bottom. The score has been given on the basis of political and economic stability, living standards, crime, healthcare, education and transport infrastructure.

Karachi was among the EIU’s worst cities to live in 2019 too.

Meanwhile, after dropping to 12th position in 2021, the Austrian capital Vienna has again captured the first position in the index. Copenhagen, Zurich, Calgary and Vancouver are included in the top five livable cities of the world.

The EIU’s global livability rankings also take into account COVID-19 pandemic with lockdowns, social distancing measures along with other basic facilities noted above.

Osaka, Japan and Melbourne all have been ranked 10th, whereas Australia and New Zealand have taken the benefit of early lockdowns in 2021. Wellington has been ranked 46th and Auckland is on 33rd in the list. London and Los Angeles have improved by 27 places to 33rd and by 18 places to 37th position respectively.

China could not rise on the list as lifting COVID restrictions, followed by outbreaks and strict lockdowns have impacted the life there. Similarly Ukraine’s capital Kyiv has also been excluded from the list because of Russia’s invasion.

Syria’s capital Damascus has been ranked 172nd at the bottom, Karachi 168th, Dhaka 166th and Tehran is 163rd in the list of rankings.