Karachi: DHA issued instructions to people living near coast to vacate homes

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The DHA administration issued instructions to people living near the coast to vacate their homes.

Karachi Sea View Road has been closed in view of Cyclone Samandi, while the sea water level on the beaches of Ibrahim Haideri, Minora, Camp Mount and Hawks Bay is high.

At Hawkes Bay, sea water came on the road to Machli Chowk, as well as water entered the population at Ibrahim Haidari.

On the other hand, the land route from Karachi to Manora has been partially cut off.

In view of cyclone Biparjoy, heavy rains in Karachi are threatening urban flooding, on which the administration in DHA has been instructed to evacuate the people living near the coast.

The development work could not be completed before the rains in Defense, due to which there is a possibility of accidents during the rain.

Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfraz said that due to high waves in Goth and Creek near the sea in Karachi, water can come, but this water does not pose a threat to DHA and other coastal areas from high waves.

In Karachi, due to the impact of Cyclone Bupar Joy, the sea has increased in flooding on Hawks Bay, there are high waves on the coast of Hawks Bay, while water is also coming on the road due to high waves at Sandzapat.