Kashmiris observe Youm-e-Ilhaq-e Pakistan

Picture source: AP/Dar Yasin
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On Wednesday [today], Kashmiris around the world are observing Youm-e-Ilhaq-e Pakistan.

In 1947, Khawaja Ghulamuddin Wani and Abdul Raheem Wani tabled a motion calling for Kashmir to join Pakistan at an emergency meeting of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Conference.

Chaudhry Hameedullah Khan presided over the meeting, which was held in Sardar Ibrahim’s home. 59 significant Kashmiri leaders were present, and they unanimously supported the resolution.

The resolution, which was adopted a few months prior to partition, called for Kashmir to join Pakistan on the grounds of geography, culture, and religion. It sparked the revolt in Poonch and later, Azad Kashmir’s independence.

For 75 years, the residents of Kashmir have resisted a military occupation. Half a million Kashmiris have died fighting against over a million members of the Indian army and paramilitary forces.

23,000 Kashmiri women have lost their husbands due to army atrocities, and 11,000 have been sexually assaulted, among the many other crimes the Indian forces have committed.

In terms of internet outages, Kashmir is one of the least free areas on earth.