Keep your actions in check, husbands, so wives don’t have to check your phones, says Ushna Shah

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Pakistani actress Ushna Shah has suggested that husbands should conduct themselves in a manner that eliminates the need for their wives to check their mobile phones post-marriage.

Ushna Shah recently participated in a private television program where she was asked whether wives should feel the need to inspect their husbands’ mobile phones.

In response, the actress remarked, “Why not? While ideally wives shouldn’t find it necessary to check their husbands’ phones, in case a wife does check the phone, husbands shouldn’t be concerned.”

Ushna Shah also shared her perspective on her own spouse, stating, “I am grateful that I don’t encounter this issue with my husband. He is very considerate; after our wedding, he voluntarily added my Face ID to his phone.”

Addressing the topic further, she asserted, “There shouldn’t be any requirement for phone codes after marriage. If you have secrets to safeguard post-marriage, then why even marry? Display transparent conduct and behavior to such an extent that wives don’t feel compelled to check phones.”