Khalid Usman Butt humorously calls out harassers

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Khalid Usman Butt, a popular actor known for speaking openly about women’s empowerment, recently criticized men who harass women in a lighthearted manner, urging them to control themselves to eradicate the mentioned “disease.”

The actor shared a brief video on Instagram, in which he appeared as a news anchor discussing an important issue.

Starting the video with greetings to the viewers, Khalid Usman Butt mentioned that he would talk about a serious epidemic that has plagued our society for centuries.

He explained that our society is currently affected by a “Ghoori titis” epidemic, in which men develop a disease of staring at and harassing women for no reason. They continue to stare at women while walking on the streets, in markets, and in bazaars.

He stated that men suffering from this disease keep staring at women wearing tight or revealing clothes, without feeling any shame.

In the video, Khalid Usman Butt humorously curses those men who harass women and highlights the masculinity of such behavior.

He also introduced a fictional character named Bashir, who confesses to suffering from the disease of staring at and harassing women but realized the same behavior from other men towards the women of his household.

Bashir acknowledges that it was wrong to stare at women, realizing that women should not be subjected to harassment.

In the conclusion of the video, Khalid Usman Butt advises men to control themselves to prevent the “Ghoori Titis” disease, which refers to the illness of harassing women.

He messaged men that disrespectful acts can only be forgiven when both individuals are willing, so men should control their eyes and desires.

Khalid Usman Butt urged men to respect and allow women to live with dignity and peace. He advises them to refrain from staring at women in alleys, markets, and public places.

The video received numerous comments from users praising Khalid Usman Butt and expressing hope that men can learn a lot from his video.

Some users also suggested that a similar video should be made for women who also suffer from the disease of being stared at and harassed.