Khamenei pushed for Saudi-Iran deal brokered by China

Picture source - Reuters

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has pushed for a Saudi-Iran deal brokered by China.

According to Iranian officials, the Supreme leader became impatient with the bilateral negotiations’ poor progress in September and called a meeting of his team to discuss methods to speed things up. As a result of which China joined the negotiations.

Iran had been attempting to mend relations with Saudi Arabia for two years to end its political and economic isolation.

The Middle East’s dynamics were upended by Beijing’s covert involvement in the breakthrough that was revealed last week, where the US long served as the primary mediator and flexed its security and diplomatic might.

As per an Iranian diplomat, “The Chinese showed a willingness to help both Tehran and Riyadh to narrow the gaps and overcome unresolved issues during the talks in Oman and Iraq.”

Earlier, the Finance Minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Al Jadaan, indicated that Saudi investments in Iran might now take place fast.

Saudi Arabia severed ties with Iran in 2016 after Tehran stormed its embassy there amid a dispute between the two nations over Riyadh’s death of a prominent Shia leader.

Instability also raised conflicts in Yemen, and Syria which also threatened Middle Eastern stability.


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