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Khurram Dastgir admits PML-N was behind anti-Imran Khan banners

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s leader and Federal Minister for Power Khurram Dastgir has admitted that PML-N was behind the anti-Imran Khan banners in Gujranwala.

Speaking at a TV show yesterday, Dastgir said that the police had started taking down the anti-Imran banners as soon as they started putting them up. He was claiming that the long march of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was facilitated by the Punjab Police.

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However, it cannot be said that the federal minister had claimed this to allege Punjab Police supported the march or it was just a slip of tongue. The anchor at the time asked Dastgir if he was accepting that PML-N was behind the anti-Imran sloganeered banners but he restrained from talking further on the issue.

PTI’s long march, upon reaching Gujranwala, met with banners that had been put up throughout the route and were attributed to the people of Gujranwala.

The banners said, “Wristwatch thief, Toshakhana thief, Imran Khan is rejected!” and “Foul language against national institutions is rejected!” and “Gujranwala will never forgive those who split up Gujranwala!”

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PTI’s long march in 2014 also faced stone pelleting and sloganeering in Gujranwala. The supporters of both sides exchanged intense slogans against each other while stones were also hurled at them.



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