‘Kill your ego for nation’s prosperity’: PM Shehbaz urges grand dialogue

Premier says consensus needed for matters related to national economy

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that a “grand dialogue” was needed between the stakeholders from important sectors of the economy and that one needed to kill their ego for the country to progress.

The premier made these remarks at the inauguration ceremony of Indus Hospital in Lahore.

He said that a consensus should be developed over matters pertaining to the national economy in a way that changes of government should not disrupt it.

The prime minister stated that the country could move ahead through the IT sector and industrialisation.

PM Shehbaz said that no one should have the permission to engage in politics over health and agriculture etc, adding that one needed to kill there ego for the nation’s prosperity.

The prime minister said that “magnificent buildings” did not make nations, but hard work, integrity and sacrifice did.

PM Shehbaz added that a country could not survive on debt.

He further compared the export volume of Bangladesh and Pakistan, saying that annual exports of the former had touched $40 billion while Pakistan’s was at $27-28 billion.

The prime minister also spoke about the fuel price hike and said that the government had raised the prices with a “heavy heart”.

PM Shehbaz promised that the government would try to provide relief to the poor and would extend financial relief to 70 million people.

He further apprised the participants that he had ordered that a mechanism be developed to minimise the duration of loadshedding.

The prime minister said that the previous government of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf failed in the purchase of oil and gas, and currently the prices of the two items were high in the global market.