Kochi – named in threat alert against Imran Khan demands protection

It is reported that some people have given bribes to terrorist Kochi in Afghanistan to kill Imran, Fayyaz Chohan’s tweeted on June 18

Kochi who was named in the threat alert issued regarding former Prime Minister Imran Khan has surfaced demanding protection. He said that on June 18 the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government had issued a letter that he wanted to kill Imran Khan.

Noor Rahman Kochi a businessman and head of the Kochi tribe held a press conference in Islamabad and said that he was picked up, interrogated and then left at home.

Kochi also said that Murad Saeed took his name in the press conference and had called him Afghani. He said that Murad Saeed had accused him on November 4 but he had neither met Murad Saeed nor he has any videos of him.

He said that he has been living in Pakistan for 40 years in Islamabad and has 15 children. He also said that he has a business in Afghanistan and has played a role in Pakistan’s economy. He said that the threat letter about him was a threat to his family and that he is the head of his tribe.

Noor Rehman demanded that the Supreme Court should investigate and the government should provide protection. He said that he has no connection with any political party.

The threat alert had said that a person named Kochi wanted to kill Imran Khan and therefore he should be answered who issued the threat alert against him.

PTI leader Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan tweeted on June 18, “It is reported that some people have given a bribe to a terrorist named Kochi in Afghanistan to kill PTI Chairman Imran Khan.”


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