Komal Rizvi inspires with her acting skills like never before

Actress makes proper comeback in drama serials, and we are loving her performances

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Komal Rizvi, after contributing well to the pop music of the 90s and giving hit dramatic projects like “Hawayen”, “Lehrein” and “Samandar Hai Darmiyan”, disappeared from the screen for quite a long time. After spending some years outside Pakistan, the singer and actor came back almost a decade ago, making a second entry into both singing and acting, the former being in the form of Coke Studio renditions and the latter through a novel-based soap called “Mujhe Roothne Na Dena”. In the same years, Rizvi also sang a couple of OSTs for Pakistani dramas such as “Mera Naseeb” and “Dur-e-Shahwar”. A few talk-shows also followed these dramas and OSTs, hosted by Komal Rizvi herself, adding to the multiple hats she was already wearing.

It so happened that Rizvi disappeared again after this short duration of media-related work, and was completely off-screen for another ten years, after which she has now made her third comeback into the drama industry.

This time, however, Rizvi has established herself as a powerful actress, something she couldn’t do with her second comeback because it was only one drama serial that she did back then. Now, with back to back performances in drama serials of HUM TV and ARY Digital, Rizvi has proven that she, after all, has been trained under the supervision of Pakistan Television Network’s (PTV’s) producers and directors, and no one from the contemporaries can beat her in her acting skills, for her training is from the times when the likes of Khalida Ryasat, Marina Khan, Mishi Khan and Huma Nawab were popular actresses at the peaks of their respective careers.

Rizvi made her comeback with Saif-e-Hasan’s “Taana Baana” this time, a modern family drama aired in Ramadan 2021. She played the role of a loveable and trustworthy aunt along-side Hasan Noman, and we loved her character of a woman who everyone would like to have in their family. Nowadays, Komal Rizvi is simultaneously working in two serials, one being “Youn Tou Hai Pyar Buht” and the other being “Bad-dua”. In the former, which happens to be a HUM TV production, she has been seen wonderfully playing the role of a neglected yet valiant wife whose husband ignores her for other women. The actress skillfully keeps a balance in her acting in the serial, which demands that she perform scenes of resilience as well as of pain, as the happiness she attains from an educated background and a wealthy lifestyle gets eclipsed due to an indifferent life partner who has shattered her self-confidence. Moreover, what is quite visible in Rizvi’s performances is her dialogue delivery. The clear utterance of dialogues with an enviable pronunciation, again, can be traced back to the times when she entered the industry; times in which language was never compromised on. In her scenes with her co-stars, there seems to be a visible difference between other actors’ dialogue delivery and that of Rizvi, the credit of which goes to the actress’s proper schooling in all the elements related to acting.

What adds further grace to her roles is that they are based on the lives of middle-aged women, something that the actress doesn’t shy away from accepting and enacting. Otherwise, there are multiple female actresses who are known for their hesitance towards accepting their real ages. Rizvi bravely embraces her age bracket and gives performances that synchronize well with her personality, thus not seeming imbalanced in any way.

Komal Rizvi’s wonderful performances make us want to see more and more of the actress. We really wish that Rizvi does not disappear this time, but continues to opt for good serials and entertain us with her awe-inspiring acting skills.