‘Labzaani Goyaak’ of Chandan Sach deserves a read

By Nawaz Nigwari

‘Labzaani Goyaak’ is one of the best, readable books which is written by Chandan Sach, a young Baloch writer. The book contains various articles about literature. The stories in the book describe the views of the author regarding literature. It was published by Balochi Academy, Quetta.

The writing of Sach attracts the readers because of his simplicity. Any new reader can easily grasp what the author wants to convey. Sach has stressed on reading, saying that for a writer, it was mandatory to create a reading culture around him. He goes on that a writer has to make a strong bond of friendship with books so that he may give productive materials to his readers. He mentioned in the book that the modern technologies have affected the reading culture. “Although, one can use them in a better way to preserve more books, but we see that is very rare.”

While coming to the translation, he stressed on the need to practice the art of translation. Basically, translation is the medium of exchanging ideas from one language to another language. It is a way of communication in which people express their thoughts and ideas to each other. This book gives a special emphasis to translation. The author states, “A translator needs to understand both languages well so that he may translate in a better way.” In fact, a translator must understand the culture, way of writing, civilization and the second language and first language while doing translation.

Besides this, the book explains the value of literature. It says the reasons as to why people should read literature. It is said that literature is the best way to express your inner thoughts in shape of poetry, story, novel and other kinds of genre. The best thing of literature is the imagination in which the readers fulfill their dreams, wishes and desires that someone does not get them in real life. As the author speaks that literature gives pleasure to the readers to understand their dreams and wishes. Reading literature preserves a nation’s history, culture and language.

‘Labzaani Goyaak’ indicates different points of view of different writers’ write-ups such as Dr. Naguman, Saba Dashtiyari, Ziya Baloch, Abdullah Jan Jamaldini, Baig Muhammad and other famous writers. Sach discusses various topics which connect us to their way of living, writing, and philosophy of understanding.

Sach has written about various other important aspects of literature. He says that writing plays a vital role in communication like speaking. It is definitely a vital source through which a national history is preserved. It is an author who can directly communicate to anyone who reads it – he may not be able to communicate directly through facing them, but his ideas and thoughts do.

In short, the book ‘Labzaani Goyaak’ by Chandan Sach deserves a glance for the masterpiece is written with great flow. The language of the book is clear and simple where the writer has explained all the articles as soft and straight as he could to make his readers understand and enhance their knowledge.