Lahore city district administration clears Zaman Park of encroachment

A massive anti-encroachment operation at Zaman Park has been completed, with all passages leading to entry/exit points of the neighborhood and Canal Road (between The Mall and Dharampura) now open.

The operation was carried out by a joint team made up of representatives of the city district administration, Municipal Corporation of Lahore (MCL), and police.

On the other hand, many who live in Zaman Park have expressed their satisfaction with the clearing of the neighborhood’s internal roads and corridors.

The operation, which began late on Friday night and lasted until Sunday afternoon, rendered Zaman Park, particularly the area around PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s home, his family, and neighbors, “peaceful.”

After the former premier eventually granted the team access to the area, it was then possible for them to commence the operation.

The team cleared the internal routes to allow residents to walk around easily by removing all types of camps, extending overhead shades, poles, temporary structures, etc.

Additionally, it removed a makeshift power supply system, a toilet, and other encroachments.


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