Lahore: Complaint registered against Imran Khan at Women Police Station

At the Women Police Station, a complaint has been made against Imran Khan.

On behalf of the superintendent of Kashana Welfare Home Township, an organization for orphan girls, a petition was submitted against PTI Chairman at Women Police Station Litton Road in Lahore.

Orphan girls were allegedly employed in child abuse, according to the petition. For refusing to permit the use of females in horrific activities, money was withheld.

The petition further said that written requests were also sent to the then-prime minister Imran Khan and the chief minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar, but on Imran Khan’s orders, government employees ceased allocating funds for the girls’ food and drink.

The petition has demanded that Imran Khan be punished severely since he betrayed confidence and made claims to have founded the state of Madina.