Lahore police detains son of first lady Bushra Bibi

Musa Maneka, the son of First Lady Bushra Bibi and her former husband Khawar Maneka, was apprehended by police in Lahore and liquor was found in his custody.

According to the first information report (FIR) obtained by Minute Mirror, Musa would face four offences under ‘The Prohibition (Enforcement of Hadd) Order 1979’. The ordinance’s section three states that “no intoxicant shall be imported, exported, transported, manufactured, or processed”.

Further, according to section four: “Whoever owns, possesses, or keeps in-his custody any intoxicant must be punished with imprisonment of either sort for a time, which may extend to two years, or with whipping not exceeding 30 stripes, and shall also be liable to fine.”

Meanwhile according to section 11, those guilty “shall be liable to tazir and shall be punished with imprisonment of either sort for a duration not exceeding three years, or with flogging not exceeding 30 stripes, or with both”.

According to sources, bottles of liquor were recovered from Musa’s car and the police registered a case in Ghalib Market’s police station. Musa, driver Muhammad Ahmed and his friend Ahmed Shehryar were named in the case.

Musa was believed to have been drunk at the time of his arrest.

According to the text of the FIR, the police stopped the vehicle number LE/5646 while checking. Musa was sitting in the front seat with the driver in the vehicle. Ahmed was sitting in the back seat and was found drunk. A search of the vehicle turned up a bottle of liquor and two cans of beer. The liquor was sent to Punjab Forensics.

Police sources also confirmed the arrests and informed that the three were later released on personal bail

Duaa Mirza is a correspondent covering crime, social issues and law enforcement. She is the youngest crime reporter and the only woman who visits crime scenes on her motorbike. She tweets @DuaaMirza12.