Lahore police seek IB help to net high profile criminals

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Lahore Police has decided to seek help from the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to arrest high profile criminals, and has handed over a list of 163 such criminals to the agency.

“After a series of discussions and meetings it has been decided to seek help from the Intelligence Bureau to control the deteriorating situation of law and order,” said Deputy Inspector General Operations Sohail Chaudhry.

With this collaboration, police will get extra help from IB to get to professional and smart criminals. “The Intelligence Bureau will also provide intelligence-based information on organized crime to the police while the Lahore police have shared a list of people who could be the targets of these criminals as well,” Chaudhry said.

According to the World Crime Index (WCI) stats released by the renowned crime and safety ranking portal Numbeo, Lahore was safer than several major world cities, including Paris, Berlin, Rome, Chicago and New York City in January 2020. It was a slight improvement from its previous report which was issued in mid-2019. At the time, Lahore had surpassed Karachi and Islamabad in controlling crime and moved 36 steps down from the 138th position.

While talking to MinuteMirror, Chaudhry said, “We are trying to be consistent in controlling our crime rate. That’s why, for extra effort, we decided to take help from Intelligence Bureau.”

Duaa Mirza is a correspondent covering crime, social issues and law enforcement. She is the youngest crime reporter and the only woman who visits crime scenes on her motorbike. She tweets @DuaaMirza12.