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Lahore police try to hush up rising robberies

Sources say around two dozen bikes are stolen from different parts of provincial capital daily

By Imran Shah

The Lahore Police is hushing up rising incidents of robberies and theft as various incidents take place daily in its jurisdiction, Minute Mirror has learnt.

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Instead of admitting its failure to control the increasing crime rate, the police only issued reports and statements to portray Lahore as a peaceful city.

The latest incidents point to the fact that the police failed to curb these crimes in the provincial capital. Just in a day, dozens of incidents of dacoity take place in the city.

According to reports, dacoits looted Rs700,000 in cash and electronics from a citizen in the Batapur police precinct. In another incident, dacoits deprived a shopkeeper of Rs9000, three packets of ghee and a mobile phone in the Hanjarwal area. In Raiwind City, dacoits looted Rs25,000 and a phone from a citizen. In Nishtar Colony, robbers took away Rs50,000 and a mobile phone from a citizen.

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Moreover, robbers also deprived one individual of Rs100,000 and a mobile phone in the Defence area. In Kahna, the dacoits looted Rs30,000 and a mobile phone from one Abdul Rasheed. Manawan area also reported an incident of robbery of Rs8000.

Similarly, in the Sundar area, dacoits looted Rs25,000 and a mobile phone from Rasheed’s brother.

Several vehicles and motorcycles were also stolen from Iqbal Town, Gujjarpura, Naseerabad, Sarwar Road, Misri Shah, Gulberg, Wahadat Colony and Model Town.

These incidents reflect the abject failure of the police and expose its tall claims of curbing crimes.

The CCPO office issued a report of the crime rate for seven months of the ongoing year according to which police recovery of cash from dacoits is Rs570 million against different crimes which also indicated a sharp increase in the number of dacoities in the city.

On the other hand, sources said that the recovered amount by police from gangsters was not even half of the total amount of looted money because most of the dacoits and bike lifters had not been arrested so far.

During the ongoing year, the Lahore Police arrested as many as 51,399 criminals involved in different crimes during the last seven and a half months, said the CCPO Lahore office.

Surprisingly, the police, in many cases of theft and robberies, show reluctance to register FIRs and address the grievances of the people.

According to the investigation conducted by Minute Mirror, around two dozen bikes are stolen daily from different parts of the city. Making matters worse, when citizens approach the police for registration of a case they face multiple problems.

“Police officials just play with words and do nothing to hear our grievances,” said a man living in Shahdra Town. He stated that whenever he visited the police office, they asked him to come the next day.

The man added that the police paid heed to people’s complaints only when they had the backing of an influential personality.

The CCPO Office routinely issues statements claiming peace in Lahore; however, ground realities say otherwise.

Sources said that approximately five to seven incidents of dacoity take place within the limits of half of the total 87 police stations in the city daily. They went on to add that police avoided launching the report of dacoities in most cases.

When contacted, the DIG (operations) spokesperson admitted that the crimes of dacoities and theft increased in the city but was reluctant to share the exact figures.

He blamed spiralling poverty and unemployment as the reason behind the surge in robberies in Lahore.



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