Lahore ready to brace rains again

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Lahore is again ready to brace the rains. The rain has started in different parts of the provincial capital as the road water of last day’s rain is still to be cleared from different areas.

Heavy rains in Lahore broke a 30-year-old record and seven people, including a child, were killed in various accidents.

According to metrological department, Monsoon winds will move towards Karachi from today, rain is expected in Karachi from tomorrow to July 11.

Heavy rains in the mountainous areas of Balochistan till Saturday are threatening to inundate rivers and streams.

Three people were killed and eight others injured in rain-related incidents in different districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa yesterday.

In Lahore, the rain that started on Wednesday morning made the weather pleasant, but due to continuous rain, the life system was badly affected, due to heavy rains, many low-lying areas were inundated, people had to face severe difficulties in transportation.

Seven people, including a child, were killed in different accidents during heavy rains in Lahore.

According to the situation this morning, water has been drained from the main highways of the city and traffic is flowing, but water is standing in the streets, due to which the nearby roads are also submerged. In case of rain again, drainage will be difficult,

A concrete shed of a poultry farm on Minhala Road collapsed due to torrential rains in Lahore. More than 2,000 chickens died in the shed collapse.

Several highways including Mall Road, Canal Bank Road, Queens Road, Mohini Road, Garhi Shahu, Davis Road, Islampura and Samanabad were waterlogged.

Apart from this, due to the accumulation of rain water in the General Hospital, treatment was affected, there is more than one foot of water in the option theater.

Apart from the Nursing hostel, the medical staff and patients are facing severe problems due to waterlogging in the hospital.

On the other hand, due to heavy rains, 110 feeders of LESCO tripped and power supply was suspended in many areas of the city.

According to LESCO officials, due to heavy rains, power restoration works are facing difficulties, power restoration will be started as soon as the rain stops.

Lahore: Heavy rains in Lahore have inundated roads, highways and other major roads, including underby bass, as well as rainwater has accumulated at the Gaddafi Cricket Stadium in the city, which has not yet been removed.