Late-night raid at PTI leader Eman Tahir Sadik’s house shows violent police operation

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In a late-night operation on August 6, Punjab Police reportedly conducted a raid at the residence of Eman Tahir, a prominent leader of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf in Attock. The incident has sparked outrage over the alleged use of excessive force and the alleged unlawful detention of household employees, including three young girls.
Describing the raid, Eman Tahir shared that her house in Lahore resembled a disaster zone post the police intervention. She uploaded videos to recount the destruction left in the wake of the operation. Expressing deep concern, Tahir questioned the legal basis for the detention of her household employees and the young girls.
Among the shocking claims, Tahir raised the issue of the alleged forced detention of 10 household employees, a move she decried as a violation of their rights. The forcible removal of three young girls from the premises has particularly intensified the sense of unease and anxiety surrounding the operation.

In her statement, Ms Tahir highlighted the significance of her father’s dedicated political background, stating that he had devoted three decades to serving the people of the country. She underscored their faith in Allah Almighty as their ultimate support and refuge.