Lawyers advocate for call to hold general elections within a 90-day timeframe

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The All Pakistan Lawyers Representatives Conference, held in Islamabad, unanimously urged the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to conduct general elections within 90 days. They also called for the president to announce the election date.

This conference took place at the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) office within the Supreme Court building and was presided over by Vice Chairman Haroon Ur Rashid, Chairman Hassan Raza Pasha, and the PBC executive committee.

The conference addressed various ongoing issues, including the constitutional crisis, raids on lawyers’ homes, and FIRs filed against them. Discussions encompassed the organization of general elections, significant price increases, particularly in electricity and petrol costs, and matters related to missing persons and references against a Supreme Court judge.

Concerns emerged regarding potential election delays. The unanimous demand was for the ECP to conduct free and fair elections within 90 days in accordance with Article 224 of the Constitution, with the president responsible for announcing the date to uphold constitutional supremacy.

Serious concerns were raised regarding the sharp increases in electricity and petrol prices, which were causing hardships for citizens while officials enjoyed privileges. The government was urged to terminate these privileges and ensure equal treatment.

High-ranking officials were prohibited from leaving the country after retirement, with their children required to use public education and healthcare or resign, emphasizing equal facilities for all.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan was assigned the task of addressing references against a Supreme Court judge through the Supreme Judicial Council.

Unjustified manhandling and arrests of advocates were condemned, with a demand for their immediate release and the full implementation of the ‘Lawyers Protection Act.’

Political parties were urged to facilitate elections within 90 days without exploiting the legal fraternity for political purposes. An all-parties conference was proposed to address the economic crisis, with a delegation set to meet the prime minister.

In addition, lawyers across the country planned a complete strike on September 9 to express solidarity with the public and protest these issues.

Muhammad Awais Raza is a student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Sociology at the Government College University (GCU). Awais can be contacted via email at He is also available on Twitter under the handle @Awais_raza512