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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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LB polls: Rifts emerge among PPP ranks in Sujawal

Resentments have sprouted over seat adjustment within the ranks of the Pakistan Peoples Party chapter of Sujawal district as Shirazi brothers want to rule the roost during the upcoming local body elections.

The Shirazi group of Sujawal that enjoys undisputed political fame across district Thatta and Sujawal want their candidates for the post of union council chairman of 22 of 37 UCs of the district besides demanding the post of district chairman, to retain their decade’s old political sway in the district.

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On the other hand, the PPP leadership has reportedly agreed to allot tickets to the candidates of this group for the seat of chairmanship of 12 union councils, Minute Mirror has learned through credible party sources on Friday.

This sudden row is set to trigger a political controversy in the district providing an opportunity for anti-Shirazi forces in the district to activate themselves for the upcoming local body elections. Sources close to the Shirazi group told MinuteMirror that PPP has tasked senior party leaders Sohail Anwer Siyal and Nisar Khurro to coax Shirazi brothers to adjust those 12 seats.

Earlier, the Shirazi brothers called upon the party leadership in Bilawal House, Karachi, on May 31 to sort out the issue, but no fruitful results materialised, with the group sticking with their demand.

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Haji Usman Malkani, a seasoned politician of the Malkani group of Jati and Shahbunder taluka, is said to be the favourite candidate for the seat of the district council chairman, but this step would rekindle political rivalry between the two groups that alleviated only after the groups joined PPP ahead of 2018 general elections.

It is pertinent to mention that Shirazi group, affiliated with PML-N during the local body election of 2015, did not look convincing against PPP and could only prove its dominance in five union councils. Ignoring Deputy Speaker Rehana Lagahri, MPA Heer Suho, Bukhari Syeds of Sujawal, Arbab Wazir Memon, and Altaf Khowaja of Mirpurbathoro in the current scenario would be a serious blow to PPP, as the common populace is expecting a prudent decision from its leadership to save the district from any long-standing political tussle.


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