Levy forces recovers woman, five children in Barkhan

Levy forces on Wednesday night reportedly recovered a mother who was abducted along with her four sons and a daughter and was allegedly in the care of Balochistan Minister for Construction and Communications Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran in the Barkhan.

Khan Muhammad Marri, whose three family members were killed, had claimed that Khetran had kept his kids in a private jail.

The abducted were released after rallies that took place in Balochistan calling for the return of missing persons. Police also detained the provincial minister for his complicity in the horrible killing.

According to local officials, levy forces recovered Marri’s wife Giran Naz, who was believed to be dead, together with her children Farzana, Abdul Majeed, Abdul Ghaffar, Imran, and Abdul Sattar.

The family of Khan Muhammad Marri was being held prisoner in three different districts when the force intervened.

The levy’s quick response unit reportedly carried out insurgent operations in South Punjab and East Balochistan to free the hostages. Also, the force thwarted a plan to send the two abducted boys to Punjab.

The force intervened in Kohlu, Dakki, Barkhan, and Dera Bugti while the family of Khan Muhammad Marri was being held prisoner in several places.

The Levies officers provided specific locations, stating that Naz, Farzana, and Imran were found at Kohlu, Chamalang, and Dakki, respectively, in the border region of Bala Dhaka. In the meantime, Majeed was found in Dakki, and Ghaffar and Sattar were found in Kohlu and Dera Bugti, respectively.

The force added that no arrests were made during the raids.