LHC approves Imran Khan’s protective bail

I need two weeks for recovery, if my leg gets any jerk then it could take another three months in recovery, Imran Khan 

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has approved Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s protective bail till March 3.

A two member bench under Justice Baqar Najfi heard petition on bail plea of Imran Khan in case of rioting outside Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Sri Nagar Highway. The case was registered in Police Station Sangjani. He said that the petitioner should come before the court.

Imran Khan speaking in the court said that he needed two weeks for recovery. He said that his X-rays will be conducted on February 28. He also said that if his leg gets any jerk then it could take another three months till recovery. he was speaking on the court rostrum.

The court questioned that why was Imran Khan not present in the court room, on which it was told by the lawyers of PTI Chairman that there was no cooperation from security officials. The court ordered SP Security to resolve the issue.

The court was adjourned till 7:30 pm giving time to Imran Khan to appear before it. Later PTI Chairman walked into the court after waiting for more than two hours for security clearance.

PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi while speaking to media said that they had requested the court to get Imran Khan’s attendance in court from his vehicle because there was large number of people while security situation was totally flawed.

Qureshi said that there were thousands of people and in such a situation there was extremely difficult to get Imran Khan out of his vehicle due to security and medical concerns.

Fawad Chaudhry said that people had come in large numbers despite the fact that they had not given a call to any PTI supporter. He said that Ishaq Dar, Suleiman Shehbaz and other PML-N leaders were given protective bail without appearance before court.

There was large number of PTI followers who had gathered outside LHC and others had come alongside Khan’s bulletproof car to reach the LHC while there were difficulties for police personnel to manage the situation.

The court had given Imran Khan time to appear at 5 pm but Imran Khan reached the LHC at around 5:50 pm.

Earlier PTI Chairman Imran Khan left his residence at Zaman Park to reach Lahore High Court to avail his last chance to appear before the court at 5 pm.

Imran Khan while talking to the senior leadership of the party stated, “He respects the court that’s why he is going to appear before the judge today.” “I will not halt Jail baro movement,” Khan added. Khan urged, “It is the government and administration’s responsibility to provide security.”

The court had rejected ex-premier’s request to let him enter via Mosque or Judges Gate as his doctors had not yet allowed him to walk or put pressure on the broken leg. Judge Tariq Saleem Sheikh ordered the former prime minister to appear in person while hearing his protective bail motion by 2 pm.

Following Imran’s failure to comply with the court’s order to appear in person by today at 2 pm Judge Sheikh granted him a last chance to appear before court at 5 pm.