LHC extends stay order against FPA collection

The Lahore High Court on Tuesday extended a stay order till tomorrow (September 15) stopping the collection of fuel price adjustment (FPA) charges from power consumers.

Justice Ali Baqir Najafi heard the case filed by the Judicial Activism Panel through Advocate Azhar Siddique against fuel price adjustment charges in electricity bills. During the proceedings, the lawyers of the petitioner asked the court to constitute a larger bench for hearing of the instant petitions challenging FPA charges in electricity bills.

At this, Justice Najafi remarked that the court would hear arguments for the constitution of a larger bench and would decide it the same day. Nasrullah Malik, a TV anchor, had filed the petition through the Judicial Activism Panel and submitted that fuel price adjustment charges were being increased continuously despite the fact that the public was suffering due to skyrocketing inflation.

He said the heavy electricity bills had burdened the common man, besides ruining small businesses. He said that the people were worried about their survival during testing time.

“Rs53 to Rs60 are being charged per unit from power consumers, which is injustice,” said the petitioner, adding that the people were out of money and they were very desperate about the bills. He asked the court to set aside the collection of fuel price adjustment charges.

On Monday, NEPRA notified a raise of Rs4.34 per unit on account of fuel cost adjustment for the month of July which would put an additional burden of Rs59 billion on consumers.

The increase will reflect in electricity bills of September.