LHC seeks reply from federal and Punjab govt on loadshedding, inflation

The Lahore High Court has sought a reply from the federal government on load shedding and rising inflation in the country.

Two separate petitions by the Judicial Activism Panel were filed in the LHC regarding the rise in load shedding and inflation in the country. The hearing was taken up by Justice Shahid Karim.

Justice Shahid Karim, during the hearing, said that being a matter of public interest, things should be addressed and fixed to give relief to public at large. The honorable judge highlighted that inflation had spread around the globe and with that food crisis is at hand.

Justice Karim remarked that things needed to be fixed but we should not make decisions on such matters.

Justice Karim remarked that there were statements regarding the control over the energy crisis by July. The judge has summoned a reply from the federal government on power cuts and the Punjab government on inflation. The hearing was adjourned for two weeks.

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