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Life in prison: Accused in Islamabad couple harassment case sentenced

State pursued case after refusal by complainant

A sessions court in Islamabad on Friday gave the verdict in the Islamabad couple harassment case, with main accused Usman Mirza and four other men being handed life imprisonment.

Additional Sessions Judge Atta Rabbani gave the verdict in the trial which went on for more than seven months.

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In January, during a hearing, the complainant, whose video went viral on social media, refused to recognize Mirza and said that she was facing a lot of pressure for pursuing this case.

The video showed Usman Mirza and other men sexually harassing, torturing, and filming the couple in an apartment in Islamabad’s Sector E-11.

Masses were apprehensive that due to the influential background of the accused, he would be free and the complainants would take back their case after immense pressure.

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However, the Law Ministry decided that the case would be pursued by the state despite the complainants and victim’s testimony being withdrawn.

The whole gang was arrested after the video became viral on social media. Later, police came to know during the investigation that the gang were extorting money from people and received millions of rupees from young men and women, most of whom were married now.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf lawmaker Maleeka Bokhari appreciated the role of police and investigation in the case as Usman Mirza trended on Twitter following the verdict.



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