Literacy Day marked in Muzaffargarh

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The Department of Literacy arranged a seminar at Sardar Kauray Khan Public School, Muzaffargarh, on the occasion of International Literacy Day . The event aimed to underscore the importance of education among the masses, with a symbolic walk from Sardar Kauray Khan School to District Courts Chowk.

The seminar featured the participation of Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue, Imran Shams, as a special guest. During his address, he emphasized that education is the foremost prerequisite for individual and societal development. Educated societies contribute significantly to both social and economic progress while maintaining lasting peace and stability. He stressed that the local administrative authority is collaborating with the Department of Literacy to actively promote formal education through all means possible. He added that education is the key to eradicating illiteracy in the region, urging all government and non-government organizations to join forces in this endeavor.

Addressing the audience, Chief Education Officer Tariq Habib Farooqi highlighted the need to focus on women’s education to further enhance literacy rates. He cited the recent outstanding performance of Muzaffargarh in matriculation results and urged continued cooperation between education officials and the Department of Literacy to boost education and literacy rates.

Tahira Rafique, District Literacy Officer, underlined the pivotal role of the Department of Literacy’s centers in providing free education to children aged 8 to 14. She revealed that the number of these centers has grown from 300 in 2020 to 1069, indicating a significant expansion in educational opportunities. Furthermore, she mentioned the establishment of a national-level floating boat school for the children of riverside communities in Tonsa Barrage and the construction of 139 more centers in progress.

The Chairperson of the Soul Society, Malik Khair Muhammad Budh, stressed the importance of raising awareness about the significance of reading and writing in society. He mentioned that currently, 773 million people worldwide are illiterate, with a global literacy rate of 86.3%. In contrast, Pakistan’s literacy rate stands at 62.5%, and Muzaffargarh’s literacy rate is at 47.11%. He urged initiatives to bridge this gap.