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Livestock deaths in large numbers may lead to severe milk, meat shortage

Hundreds of thousands of livestock killed in floods may lead to a severe shortage of milk and meat in the country during next months.

The catastrophic floods and rains have not only washed away human lives and houses but also hundreds of thousands of livestock have been killed.

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According to the official statistics, over 750,000 animals of different kinds have been killed which is likely to cause shortages of meat, milk and other dairy products in a country already facing a looming threat of food insecurity.

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has said that around 70% or 500,000 livestock have been washed away in Balochistan, followed by northeastern Punjab, where over 200,000 animals have been killed since June 14.

Agriculturists and dairy business experts have shown fear that the killing of this large number of livestock may lead to a 30 percent to 40 percent reduction in milk and meat production in the coming months.

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The actual brunt of the losses would be felt after a month. According to the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, livestock which accounts for 11.2 percent of the nation’s GDP provides livelihood to over eight million rural families. Pakistan also produces nearly five million tons of meat annually.

It is not only rains and floods that have killed animals but different waterborne diseases and infections are also taking a toll on the livestock, according to experts.

Pakistan is the fourth largest milk producer country in the world. Around 80% of the country’s total production comes from rural areas. The country produces 50 million tons of milk annually.



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