Loan apps scandal: 43 apps blocked, 17 suspects arrested

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Federal Minister for Information Technology Amin ul Haq has announced to take important steps on the loan application scandal.

On the other hand, the FIA has initiated action against illegal loan companies and apps, 74 inquiries of FIA are going on against illegal loan companies, while cases have also been registered against three companies.

The FIA has also detained 17 suspects from across the country.

The FIA cyber-crime has also blocked 30 accounts and sealed the offices of five companies across the country.

Amin ul Haq said that so far 43 loan applications have been blocked.

A few days ago, an unemployed citizen from Rawalpindi committed suicide after receiving threats for alleged non-payment of Rs800,000 taken through a loan application.

He said that companies are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP).

Amin ul Haq said that the measures include consultation and assistance with the SECP.

The federal minister said that the lenders on social media are blackmailing gullible people.

Amin ul Haq also contacted the Director General of IT and the FIA and took a briefing on the action taken so far.