London’s Trocadero to become mosque and Islamic center after Westminster Council approval

Picture source - Getty Images
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London’s renowned Trocadero complex is transforming into a mosque as a Muslim billionaire, Asif Aziz, has obtained permission to construct a three-story house of prayer and Islamic center in the heart of the city’s entertainment quarter. Aziz, also known as Mr. West End due to his property ventures, is set to establish the mosque between Piccadilly Circus and Soho.

The three-story house of prayer will have a capacity to accommodate 390 worshippers and will occupy the space left vacant since the closure of the Metro cinema in 2006.

Prior proposals for a larger 1,000-capacity mosque on the site faced opposition from residents and far-right groups, leading to their withdrawal in 2020. However, a revised planning application for a smaller development received approval from Westminster Council at the end of May 2023.

A council spokesperson confirmed the approval of the planning application by the Aziz Foundation to convert a portion of the London Trocadero into a mosque.